Day 28

Money does not exist
in heaven.
But it can buy you
many things on earth.

So what is the true value
of money?
Isn’t it true that anything
of real value has
no price?

Let’s talk about exchange rates,
like economists do.
What are you trying to
exchange money for?

Are you trying to buy yourself
some freedom?
Are you hoping that enough money
will make you feel secure?

Do you still believe that money
can create joy?
Will more money really make
you feel abundant?

The ego will always try to sell
you something that is
already yours.

The richest person on earth is the
one who collects his Divine
tax-free inheritance.

Money or not, rich or poor, bull
market or bear market,
keep investing in the
treasures of your soul.

Don’t be distracted by what can
go up or down, and what
can be won or lost.

Focus only on your divine purpose,
and all of the necessary funds
will be made available.

~ Robert Holden

Have fun spending your $5k today!