Day 26

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in 
a friendly or hostile universe."

If you choose to see that everything is happening for you, you look for evidence of that being true and live with more openness, gratitude, and grace.

Your mind is open to potential and possibility.

A powerful space to be in is: “Open to everything, attached to nothing.”

Play today and see possibilities as you act on your goals.

This is your $3,000 from the Universe:

At any point, if you get stuck or feel a limitation, just keep coming back to inquiring and you’ll naturally upgrade… it’s like going to mindset gym… you’re getting stronger 😉

Only a few more days of the income challenge… what courageous thing can you do today in alignment with your goal?


Remember to do your abundance hack… maybe you’re saying your money mantra in the mirror:

I am monetizing my gifts
I live in a state of abundance
Money keeps coming to me 😉