Day 24

It’s your lucky day!!! The Universe has just gifted you with:

You get to spend this on whatever your heart desires today 😉

Week 4 is all around Permission + Play!

So, this week we’re playing a Prosperity Game where every day, you’ll get emailed a check from the Universe to spend. 

Each day you’ll receive more money, but you must spend it (in your mind) that day in full.

You can spend it on:

  • self-care
  • business expenses
  • hiring new team members
  • a website redesign
  • gifting it to friends + family
  • products to create your dream environment
  • a vacation with your significant other
  • or even donating it to charity.

The goal is to put you in an abundant mindset.

You may discover limiting beliefs, and that's good! Once you’re aware of them, then you can question them and get free.

It’s good to see the limitations but don’t live there… continue to refocus on having fun playing the game.

Journal any insights that come forward nightly, maybe write what you spent that day and how it felt…

Have FUN!