Day 19

What if… what if the amount you have right now in your bank is exactly what you need…

What if it's enough?

What if you didn’t make any more. Can it be enough… right now?

Sit with this question today and feel the enoughness of this moment.

Everything else is just a story.

“Who would you be without the thought ‘I need my money to be safe’? You might be a lot easier to be with. You might even begin to notice the laws of generosity, the laws of letting money go out fearlessly and come back fearlessly. You don’t ever need more money than you have. When you understand this, you begin to realize that you already have all the security you wanted money to give you in the first place.  It’s a lot easier to make money from this position.” ~ Byron Katie

Sit with this today and let it sink in… notice what real abundance feels like 😉

To your freedom,