Day 14

A real healing is a shift of behavior…. So let’s get into ACTION today!

You are much more powerful than you realize and your only limitation is your mind.

So I want to challenge you today to discover how capable you really are by being in action and testing your assumption finding out what's actually true.

One of the main things I want you to get through this challenge is to know your resourcefulness - that you can create money for yourself IF you want to.

We're also interested in you knowing your wholeness, regardless of your bank account as well as you feeling empowered knowing your abilities.

Let's dive into the worksheet for today!

I always think there’s a way to reach your financial goals doing what you love by adding value to others doing it. Let’s find the ways…

If you're clear on a strategic plan run with it.

If you're not, do the mindset work in the first half and then turn up the dial as we get into more fierce action in the second half in a few days...

And then watch as the miracles unfold 😉


P.S. I’d love to hear any insights you have as you are now half way through the challenge! If you’re inspired to share a story on Instagram letting me know, tag me! @alyssanobriga