Day 13

This is the time in the challenge we’re upping our game and being more masculine in our approach, it’s game time and you’re ready!

It’s not about keeping this the level of intensity all the time, but this is a sprint… and you signed up for this so now is the time!

I want you to get really clear right now about how many clients you want to create before the end of our 30-day challenge.

Claim that number here: _________

How many conversations with potential clients would you need to have to create those clients?

If you’re a coach, I want you to commit to pitching to at least 1 potential client a week. 

(If you don’t have a powerful sales process that converts high-end clients, watch this Free Training I do for service-based professionals now to support you:

Write here, “I will connect with _______ (number of people) a week and propose to work with me.”

If you sell products, what can you do today to increase sales?

Can you start reaching out to people or setting that up now?