Day 12

Yesterday you identified all the judgments you have about money and rich people… today we’re using what you gathered to get free!

There is so much power in Forgiveness… it sets YOU free.

As you forgive money, you then open up to receive even more abundance… forgiveness is like getting the kinks out of a locked hose… freeing up your feelings makes it easier for cash to flow to you 😉

Here’s what to do for today:

1. Take out a piece of physical money if you can and yesterday’s worksheets... go through forgivenesses for each judgment you innocently bought into...

2. Play beautiful music, light a candle and set an intention and give yourself at least 5-15 mins to shower yourself with compassion and love… you set yourself and your lineage free in this moment.

3. Make sure to cover the 3 types of forgiveness:

Forgiveness around 1. Yourself  2. Others  3. Situation (in this case say money)

“I forgive myself for buying into the misunderstanding that….
The truth is...”

Forgive any and all money misbeliefs and you will instantly feel more expansive and wealthy! 

If you want to go deeper into understanding how to do this forgiveness process, watch this:

Know that the ego will always try to trick you into believing that something you can get, some carrot be it power, money, fame, etc. will make you free. 

But the real freedom is waking up to that story, letting it go, and experiencing the freedom that is already here.

Forgiveness is the path...

Here’s to your freedom.

I want to take a moment to check-in and let you know that it’s absolutely ok if you aren’t able to participate with each exercise every day.