Day 11

Money is a mirror for what we hold in our consciousness.

If we believe we need more money, then that way of thinking is projected onto other areas of life and we’ll keep seeing life through this lens of lack, always searching for more, not awake to what’s actually around us now.

Looking for money, looking for love... etc.

We can replace money with: time, love, God, approval.

So that’s why we work it at the root... in our minds.

Because if the structures of the mind aren’t changed, the ego will replace one problem with another.

And, when we change our thinking, it’s easier to create and feel fulfilled since we’re not buying into the ‘not enough’ syndrome’ and lack perspective.

We wake up from the problem-making mind.

Let’s unroot these limiting money stories together now.

We’ve all bought into stories about what money is and who we think we are and aren’t in relation to it.

We have unconscious judgments that hold us back, so today is about seeing them without judging them (that would just be judging judgment + not helpful)... So we can see them with compassion and then tomorrow we’ll be forgiving them so you get free.

So dive in...

Fill out these 3 questions in the worksheet and take each belief through the money mindset worksheet afterwards.

Take time to slow down and listen… This is where all your freedom comes from…

The very things that trap you are what free you if you use them that way.


Once you’ve done the worksheet, feel into how you would operate in your business if you couldn’t buy into that belief… And do that today! It’s about mindset + then grounding that into bold action towards your goals 😉