Day 6

I want to support you in owning your inherent power.

Let’s have you experience what you think money will give you later now and short cut the process! 😉

Without giving too much away, let’s dive into your homeplay for today:

Money is innocent. It’s the stories we tell ourselves about what it is or isn’t that creates our joy or suffering.

The quickest way to experience all that you want from money is to change your thinking, not actually make more money… and we can do that, too 😉

"For some of us, life is controlled by our thoughts about work and money. But, if our thinking is clear, how could work or money be the problem? Our thinking is all we need to change.
It’s all we can change. This is very good news. Many of us are motivated by a desire for success, But what is success? What do we want to achieve?  We do only three things in life: We stand, we sit, we lie horizontal. Once we’ve found success, we’ll still be sitting somewhere, until we stand, and we’ll stand until we lie down or sit again. Success is a concept, an illusion. Do you want the $3900 chair instead of the $39 one? Well, sitting is sitting. Without a story, we’re successful wherever we are." Byron Katie

Here's to your freedom,