Day 4

As we move towards our goals, the unconscious blocks that have held us back will come up, expect them.

It’s not bad that they come up but they are what need to be looked at in order for you to get to and sustain at your next income level...

It says a lot about you that you're willing to be proactive to clear them now so they don’t keep you stuck in the future…

With mindset work, if you want to go faster, slow down…

Let’s get still.

Notice, what concerns, fears or worries come up for you around money?

What limitations do you hit up against?

  • I have to work hard for money.
  • I have to sacrifice my happiness to make more money.
  • I can’t make money doing what I love.
  • I can’t create clients at that fee / I won’t get the job if I tell them how much I want to make.

Circle the one that's most challenging for you now and dive into the worksheet below.

Then dive into the Money Mindset Worksheet use this worksheet as often as you’d like throughout the 30-day challenge (should take you about 30 mins).

Let’s get you free… open your worksheet and let’s dive in!