Day 3

We often overcomplicate things and think reaching our financial goals are far away, but here’s a simplified break down of different approaches to make 7 figures to show you what’s possible.

This is meant to help you see you can make more in your business and that if someone else did it, so can you!

There is always a way to reach your income goals doing what you love, if you are creative enough to offer value in the world doing it.

How you set up your business model should be aligned with what you love. Some love marketing and scaling products, while others love going deep and having higher-end services.

You do you. You’ll not only enjoy it more, but you’ll go further as a result.

You can do the math based on our own services so you can see what it would take to make the income you desire.

Whatever you choose, keep it simple and take action daily towards your goals.

We’re starting with mindset to clear the conditioning that’s held you back and then in the second half, we’ll get into bold and inspired action.

Today is lighter with just seeing options for what’s possible to reach your goals.

If you haven’t completed your Vision yet, you have time to do that now…

Again, make all this fun - do it with a friend, put on some music, maybe a glass of something special and really embody what you’re stepping into.