Day 2

The clearer you are with what you want to make, the easier it is to create it…

By claiming a specific amount, the mind will start focusing on ideas and ways you can come up with that money, whether that be a new way to make money or ways to save to reach your income goals.

This is a fun and energizing process to help you get clear on your vision.

Don’t stress about making it perfect or finishing it before you move on to the next thing tomorrow…

Just set aside 20 mins, turn on some inspiring music, maybe go to a beautiful location or call a friend over to do this together.

Think of this exercise as creating the behind the scenes sneak peek to the movie of your ideal life living at the income level you desire.

Tune in…

What would you feel like now if you were already making the amount you desire?
How do you move through the world having reached your goals?

Then embody those feelings now as you write and read your vision...

You’ll not only feel better but that vibrant energy will attract synchronicities and help you receive that amount more easily.

Click the image below to access the workbook.

Enjoy crafting your vision!