Day 1


Your 30-day income goal starts today 😉

Consider this our 30 Day Game that we get to play full-out with, keeping it light, running experiments to see what works towards your goals.

“Never underestimate the power of money, but never overestimate it, either.” 

Print or Download this Checklist now and put it by your bedside now so you can track your progress and insights over the next 30 days.

This is designed so that as you’re staying consistent in action, you have these exercises and videos to support you to do the inner work to get free.

I highly encourage you to get an accountability partner for the entire month so you’re really held through this immersion and can rock your goals + feel more free!

Today is a little longer day to help set you up so you’ll want to dive into this worksheet when you have at least 30 mins:

Let’s get started!