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Next round starts in Jan 25th, 2021


As a purpose-driven
coach, you...

know in your bones you are here to change people’s lives, and just wish you were more experienced as a coach.
want to be a Master Coach so you can serve more deeply and charge more for your work.
want to consistently be making multiple 6 figures and have clients seeking you out because of how deeply you have impacted them.

But you know this is just the beginning.

There is so much more you’re capable of – and you’re ready to claim it.

Making a positive impact in the world (on a bigger scale than ever before).
Going from Coach to Master Coach.
Growing your income – and creating true financial stability.
Growing your business to 6 figures, multiple 6 figures and beyond.
Discovering your greater purpose, and living in full alignment with your truth.

Then you’re in the right place…


Institute for




I created this certification program to support truly ambitious and purpose-driven coaches who are ready to ‘up’ their game, to be industry leaders, serve people on a deeper level and to step into the life they’ve always imagined.

But it’s up to you to take the first step…

The program starts on Jan 25th, 2021!


Not just to serve people in a much deeper and impactful way, but to take a bigger slice of this 11 billion dollar industry?

Please only apply if you are REALLY ready to show up fully for the entire program and give it your all.

If you are… I’m ready to serve you!



This program is my life’s work of over 17 years of studying and doing transformational work. I am teaching my methodology for transformational change on all levels: behavioral, emotional, mental, unconscious, somatic. 

You’re going to walk away with the tools to serve your clients deeply but you’re going to LIVE the tools since you are trained to learn experientially and start with coaching yourself. 

My vision is that this empowers you to live your best life for years to come. Once you break through whatever is holding you back, you’ll be astonished at how every area of your life is enhanced: relationships, health and business… 

As you live the work, you will be able to serve your clients more deeply, creating a ripple effect throughout the world. Not to mention just have fun with a new community of soul-centered coaches all around the world!


January 25th, 2021

We don’t just tell you how to coach, we support you in building your confidence and skill set to work within any niche so you can go to the root of the issue within yourself and your clients using this integrative approach and mastering the transformational tools.

You will receive weekly training, coaching, and practice time to deepen your learning first on yourself and then learning to facilitate transformation in others. We don’t just tell you, we show you real behind the scenes coaching sessions. We also have a private online portal, self-reflection questions, meditations, and guided processes to deepen your learning on various levels.


August - December 2021

As part of your investment, you will receive the chance to go through the content at a new stage of your business and deepen your learning and receive additional coaching for 6 months, as well as practice the tools. The format will be different, given that you’ll be going through the material in an online private portal, with demonstration videos, and additional content with the certification community.

What’s Included…

As part of your investment, in the Fall of 2020, you will receive weekly training, coaching and practice time to deepen your learning first on yourself and then learning to facilitate transformation in others. We don’t just tell you, we show you real behind the scenes coaching sessions. We also have a private online portal, self-reflection questions, meditations, and guided processes to deepen your learning on various levels.

You have the chance to get certified through this program and there will be perks that come with that, like potentially being hired to be a coach in the community, along with other fun surprises we aren’t ready to share yet.

The magic word is: “Redwood” (I’m going to ask you this on the application ;)


Frequently Asked Questions

When does this program take place?

Institute for Coaching Mastery starts on Jan 25th, 2021.  

Will I get certified?

Yes, you have the opportunity to be certified.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Is it ICF certified?

I am currently applying for the school to be accredited.   This program is designed for new coaches who want to get to mastery faster and seasoned coaches who want new tools to coach deeper and have the business support to up-level faster. Check-in, if that’s you.

If I have coaching clients do I still need a certification?

Only if you want to serve people more deeply and get support to grow your business faster.

What kind of coaches is this for?

This is for ANY coach who wants to do deeper work with their clients and not just talk them through strategies that they can Google or invest in an online course to learn. People don’t need information, they need transformation!  That’s what this program is. On you first and then learning to facilitate that in others.

Is this program right for me?

This program is designed for brand new coaches all the way to seasoned coaches. But the best way to know is to start by applying so we can get to know you, your business, and see what will support your goals best. With applying, there’s absolutely no pressure to join. In fact, if we feel you would be better served elsewhere, we will tell you!

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, you can pay in full and we have payment plan options which will be discussed once you have applied.

I’ve done a lot of training. How do I know if this will be helpful to me?

There is NO training out there like this one. I made sure of that. We are not just training you to be a master coach, we are training you to have a massively successful business, too.

To have the skills to become a LEADER in the industry while also transforming the lives of your clients.

I have a 7 figure business and am teaching you online marketing as well as offline marketing for those who don’t want to run a team or pay for ads. It’s better to design a business around what lights you up so that it’s aligned and you have a long career but also because when you do what you love, you can scale with grace and serve people in a profoundly powerful and transformational way.

If you want to make a deeper impact and/or expand your impact to reach more people, this is a no-brainer.

What if I’m already in a program? Worried about time…

This certification is a year-long so once doors close, there is not another chance to get in for an entire year and last time doors opened it sold out in 8 days! You want to plan for around 5 hours a week for everything between training videos, demos, meditation, practice sessions and coaching calls with myself directly. You can do it from anywhere in the world and at various time zone options. When you want something you make time and show up. Not to mention, by the end of it, you’ll have a completely different business that isn’t just transforming people’s lives but actually growing!!! If that’s not something you’re seeing right now in the current state of your business, DO NOT WAIT, APPLY NOW.

I’m a new coach, do I need training before this?

I have designed this for new + experienced coaches who want to uplevel themselves and gain new tools (like somatic work and a number of other modalities). I’ve developed, tested and PROVEN 17 years worth of transformative tools.

What I will teach you is the best of the best and will benefit a coach at any level.

I’m already so busy! Won’t this just add more to my plate?

Please do not join if you are not ready to show up for this.
We are only accepting people who are ready to be the best coach they can be and play all in.

Will I get support from Alyssa?

Absolutely! This is a very hands-on program and I will be coaching and providing support every step of the way. We also have additional mentors to provide extra support so you stay on track throughout the program as well.

Will the calls be recorded?

Yes. All calls are recorded and will be available in your private membership site.