You Can Trust Life

Every year I tune in to see what the quality is that I’ll focus on for that year, and for the last 9 years it’s been: T R U S T.

I hated that because I wanted something different, sexier, more fun.

Recently, life put me to the test to really get it…

When I was studying to get licensed as a therapist years ago, I would take my audio study guides and walk down my favorite street because it felt so expansive. I just loved being there.

One day, I picked out my favorite home on that street, not thinking it was ever in the realm of possibility to live there...

Months later, my husband and I started looking for our next home and that exact home came on the market!

There was a lot of back and forth about getting it, but, for the first time, either way, I trusted life.

I gave myself full permission to really want what I wanted, even though the odds of getting it were slim.

I knew if we didn’t get the house, we were being guided to something that was a better fit for us and that whatever unfolded was for our highest good.

This level of trust is still deepening inside me.

But, I’m realizing how priceless it is to live knowing that everything is unfolding FOR US.

Spirit, God, Universe, whatever you call this guiding force that creates Life… is loving, is intelligent and wants what’s best for us.

Sometimes, that looks like not giving us what we think we want, and later realizing how much of a gift that was.

When we aren’t lost in our stories about what ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ happen, we open to see that we are always being guided.

I know sometimes it’s hard to see that when we’re ‘in it’ and life isn’t going the way we want it to...

Now I can see the profound gift this way of living is… Knowing that whatever unfolds is working in our favor is one of the most powerful gifts I could have received, and it was worth the wait… life didn’t want me to miss this one.

Wherever you are on your path to waking up to the grace that is here for you, I wanted to remind you that you really can trust life.

Take the next most intelligent step and discover how truly supported you are.

Through this experience, I discovered 3 specific things that helped me with manifestation,

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