Playing Small? Watch This!

We unconsciously believe that if we play small, then we’ll be safe…

But, we are not safer or more comfortable playing small. It doesn’t guard us from criticism or rejection…

You may feel called for more in your life, excited about what’s next and want to grow to your full potential, but stuck in unconscious patterns that leave you feeling doubtful, insecure and not where you want to be…

They can appear in your career as not initiating with new clients or trusting your expertise to serve them powerfully.

When we’re showing up to grow ourselves or a specific part of our lives and not getting the results we’re wanting, it’s because we’re hitting up against something internally that needs to be addressed.

Letting go of the misunderstandings from the root, within our own perception, frees us internally and it’s easier to create the changes we’re wanting externally in our businesses and lives.

Watch as I work with this beautiful woman in moving beyond her self-imposed limitations so she can feel more confident, empowered, and create the success she desires as a result.


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