Listening To Your Inner Wisdom

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.

- Rumi

We all have an antenna for intuition and wisdom, but when the static of our lives gets too loud, whether that be inside or outside noise, it’s harder to utilize our internal GPS.

Many of us have been conditioned to ask for advice and to look outside ourselves for answers or guidance before checking in with our own inner knowing. We may have gotten into the habit of trusting society’s opinions and influences, forgetting that all the wisdom and guidance we need is available to us if we are open to listening.

When we depend only on our mental capacities to navigate our lives, we are limited and often end up feeling confused, ping-ponging between pros and cons.

I am writing this blog for myself, really, because this is the teaching I am receiving at the moment in my own life. I share it with you in case you happen to have forgotten as well. I hope that it will be a supportive reminder to return to your own inner compass.

What I have found is that as we attune to our own knowing and trust in it by taking action, we build and strengthen the muscle to navigate our lives with more grace. There is a flow that we tap into where synchronicities tend to unfold more frequently and things fall into place much more smoothly.

I imagine prolific writers like Marianne Williamson or Deepak Chopra have learned how to listen and channel the inspiration that comes through them into action. I don’t believe the wisdom is personal; it is available to everyone, but not everyone is listening.

You have such wisdom within you…

You know what is true in your own heart of hearts… you’ve always known. I support you in following and trusting your own knowing.

You are here to express your very unique note in the symphony of this larger song. You are ultimately the only one that knows what is right for you at any given time.

This doesn’t mean we close off to other perspectives. Other people may make suggestions and offer advice, but I invite you to check in with how it feels in your body and let that be the barometer that guides you.

Listening in the silence, especially in the morning, even if it’s just for 5 minutes or going for a walk in nature are other great ways I have found to hear my own inner voice more clearly or to reconnect with my truth.

Some people tune in through prayer, listening to music, going surfing or what athletes sometimes refer to as the 'runner’s zone.'

Staying connected to what inspires you is another way to help connect back to the frequency of a higher vibration where intuition lives. Whether that be reading uplifting material, hearing a lecture on something that lights you up, or doing spiritual practices – you, more than anyone, knows what makes you come alive… do that!

Of course, I share all of these as suggestions and I am in full support of you following what’s most true in your heart… always.

We are all here to support and learn from each other, so if there is an experience you’d like to share about, maybe a time you have listened to and followed your own knowing, especially if it wasn’t the logical choice, but you listened anyway, please feel free to share below. We can inspire each other to stay true to ourselves.

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