How to Stop Your Inner Critic

How to Stop Your Inner Critic

Do you ever feel like you should be further along?

Do you get stopped in your tracks not moving forward on your goals, believing thoughts like:

"You'll never be enough."
"You'll always struggle with that."
"You're a failure."

You may be surprised to learn that this bully inside, the inner critic, is well-intended and really wants you to succeed.

Say what?!?!

And, it’s not these thoughts that keep us stuck, it’s our relationship to these thoughts that keep us stuck.

You judge them and you’re stuck with them.

In this video, I share an exercise you can use to get free.

You can use the steps I teach here to free yourself from the cycle of self-criticism by:

✅ Looking underneath the critic's judgment to see how it's trying to serve you.

✅ Thanking the critic for trying to help you but see that it’s ineffective.

✅ Forgive any judgments and be willing to test out a new way to get what you want.

In support of your freedom.



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