How To Shift Your Money Story

I had the pleasure of coaching this beautiful, brilliant woman on stage at my event this January in front of 100 other soul-centered professional women…

… and, I wanted to share with you a ‘behind the scenes’ clip of her changing her money story.

We all create stories in our minds about the money we think we’re worthy of making and what’s possible in our lives.

We can carry unconscious conditioning around money we aren’t even aware of… maybe feelings of shame and negativity come up because it was a source of arguments in your household growing up.

What if you changed them and decided to question these beliefs and open to the feelings that come up around money? Instead of running from them, what if you choose to face them and get free?

You’ll quickly see that the narrow lens through which you once viewed money can become more expansive, inspired and empowered…

… And, beautiful things start to happen as a result of your ability to create abundance 🙂

Bringing compassion and acceptance to the part of you that previously bought into those limitations, helps you relax into knowing, you are exactly where you need to be.

Watch this video to go through the process of breaking free from your money beliefs...

Shifting your money story is part of the inner work to help you stay true to your vision.

Know that I am here to support your growth and expansion!

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