How to deal with loneliness

We all crave connection.

We want to feel deeply loved, we want to feel a sense of belonging and connection to something greater than ourselves... something that’s rooted in love and compassion.

But, so many of us feel lonely, and this is one of the most painful experiences because it reinforces the illusion of separation.

It can leave us feeling depressed and questioning our worth.

Most people don’t want to feel lonely, so they quickly move toward looking for someone or something to fill the void.

They unconsciously think the guy, the girl, the success, will make it go away…

This puts too much pressure on the relationship or job to take the loneliness away...

They don’t realize that loneliness is actually a doorway to connection.

It’s an invitation to embrace it rather than avoid it, and ironically, that’s what opens us to the deeper connection we really desire.

This doesn’t mean we’re not proactive to date, or have genuine conversations with our partners to cultivate more intimacy, or create a community of people who see and support us…

It’s just that once we’ve embraced this part of us, we now connect with others from a place of being grounded in ourselves, so it’s more authentic.

I realize this is easier said than done, that’s why I’ve made this video to guide you with some practical ways to move through this and discover the deeper gift hidden within loneliness.

I hope it serves you… 

“You are the one you’ve been waiting for.” (from the Hopi Tribe Prophecy)

Let me know what challenges you face when it comes to loneliness…

I’m here to support you.

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