Hate Selling? Watch this…

Today is dedicated to Love. Loving who you are, Loving what you do. May you find the support to fully love every part of yourself and your life. That’s what Valentine’s Day is REALLY about…

If you desire to be personally coached by me this year + just want to have more fun as you go for your goals with other amazing women, enrollment for my Signature Program, Success + Soul Mastermind is closing in 24 hours! I only open this program once a year, so if you miss it then you’ll have to wait until 2020.

In this program we venture into many topics… one of them is selling.

You may LOVE your business and supporting others, but not love sales…

I hear people say, “I hate selling” but it isn’t bad, it’s the positioning and mindset that makes ALL the difference.

We can trip ourselves up feeling awkward, which can prevent our business from growing. When we shift from: ‘need’ to ‘serve’, everything changes.

From “How can I get a client?” to “How can I serve?” You’ll feel more aligned to your calling and your potential clients can feel that and trust you’re more committed to serving them, than just getting another client.

Watch me coach this beautiful woman from not liking sales + feeling disempowered, to owning her power as a business woman.


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