Got a block that's keeping you stuck?

Got a block that's keeping you stuck?

We tend to believe that if we accept our blocks or obstacles, that means we’re giving in.

But actually, it’s the opposite.

When you’re actively pushing something away or avoiding it, you’re giving your energy to it, which means you’re even more invested in it!

But don’t worry, you can shift things.


Here’s what you do: Replace that avoidance energy with curiosity.

Ask yourself, “What is this block here to teach me?”


Because when you change your relationship with the block, the block changes.

I’ll give you an example…

I had a client who came to me because she wanted to double her income.

No matter what she did, she always hit a glass ceiling! She was looking at me to help her break the barrier and create the business she wanted.

The truth is, on paper, she did everything right ✅

She was using all the right strategies and had a pretty well-run business!

And yet...something was keeping her stuck. She didn’t think she had a block, but instantly, I could see that she did.

Watch this video as I walk you through:

1️⃣ The one question I asked her so she could both diagnose her block and work through it.

2️⃣ How to tell if you have a block and might not know it yet...

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