Embracing Your Own Humanity

We all hurt, it’s inevitable, a part of life, and it’s also normal.

We all get frustrated at times, maybe want to be at a different point in our lives: further along in our careers, have healthier relationships or maybe we long for relationship…

How we choose to be with ourselves while we go through these hurtful times is where we do have a choice and what actually makes all the difference.

What I have found to offer the deepest healing is when I choose to be gentle with myself, to offer myself compassion for my humanity and learn from my experiences, letting what was, be, as it was in the past.

We all have tender points within us, similar to little children inside that get hurt, angry or scared. Often times we try to figure them out, rationalize them away, but actually what I have found is that it’s much simpler than all that…

All these tender points within us are looking for is to be heard fully and to be embraced, then they naturally move on. Just like kids who come to you with an upset and after they’ve been nurtured, they’re suddenly all better and they are off playing again. They don’t need logic, children can’t understand our adult reasoning, they just need someone to stop and BE with them.

If we don’t have someone in our lives to be with us in this way, or even if we do, this becomes a powerful opportunity to truly be with ourselves. If we don’t embrace all the flavors of ourselves, we tend to unconsciously reject another when they offer us the acceptance because we don’t believe it.

When we are willing to really listen from the point of view of the hurt inside, when we welcome it and see the innocence within it, this is what creates safety and where deep transformation can happen.

Children usually have an easy time letting things go. They cry their tears and then quickly go back to play, so this doesn’t mean it has to take a long time. Children can teach us how to surrender to what is here in a simple way quite beautifully; it’s we adults that can complicate things from believing all the mind’s ideas about what is coming up, rather than just allowing it.

What if the very thing you are struggling with in your life is the thing that is looking to be embraced, so it can open you to the gift of what you deeply yearn for?

True love, the best qualities of a mother or father's love, is unconditional and has no agenda. It doesn’t need you to be any other way than way than you are now, exactly as you are. Something in you knows this kind of love. These flavors of our humanity are all a part of the Divine Dance we are doing. Not one more or less spiritual, only the mind would separate that.

Everything is looking to be embraced by the radiance of who you truly are.

I invite you to offer yourself FULL PERMISSION, full acceptance and, unconditionally love to ALL of yourself.

See what it’s like next time you feel hurt, when you offer it infinite space to be just as it is and allow it to express (either through writing, art, dance, whatever it needs) and then like an unconditionally loving parent, BE with it. Truly open your arms to it and see the preciousness of it, even while it’s confused and hurt.

This is what it’s really seeking. You are the liberating presence that sets yourself free.

You don’t need to identify with the pain that comes up. Just let it be as it wants to be and lovingly welcome its expression, as you witness it unraveling back into peace.

The power of Love is the strongest force in the Universe, possibly the only.

I send you many blessings on your journey back home to yourSelf,


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