Doubtful to decisive

Are you someone who logically ‘knows’ what to do, but struggles with making a real change?

This is for you.

I was coaching a beautiful woman who was struggling with self-doubt + indecision.

She had seemingly done ALL the things:

✔️ Read the books
✔️ Listened to the podcasts
✔️ Watched the videos

And yet, she still wasn’t acting on what she knew, so felt insecure and indecisive. ?

The reality is, mentally knowing is not enough.

We all know how to lose weight... yet many struggle to do so. Why?

Because we need a deeper level of integration to achieve your goals. ?

You need to go deeper than mental, have it be more embodied.

That’s why in my mastery level certification program, I teach coaches how to create change with their clients on 5 levels by getting to the root of what’s holding that specific client back.

Somatic work is just 1 level and you can see me working it here with this client, but students within the program learn how to work each level to powerfully serve their clients.

I show them the EXACT transformative coaching methods that I used to help this client tap into her inner wisdom and own her most decisive, worthy, and empowered Self.

See for yourself how helping someone tap into their truth leads to transformation + aligned action:

If you’d like to learn these methods for yourself or to be able to powerfully coach + gain more self-confidence in your coaching skills, I invite you to join the ICM waitlist for next year’s cohort.

The early bird waitlist opens this August.

In full support of you embodying your truth.

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