Do You Worry What Others Think Of You?

Does your fear of being seen keep holding you back?

Wondering what people are going to think of us is such a universal experience.

Most of the time, when this fear arises, we naturally look for the world outside to tell us we’re great or we’re enough.

We look to the relationship or the success to fill us up.

And this is so innocent... the desire to be accepted and seen is natural.

I had an incredible experience in a session with a client on this topic. One of the things that came through is that there really are some simple things you can do to feel authentic, alive, and true to yourself when this fear pops up. You can turn it around quickly.

Since this is one of the most common fears I hear, I created this 5-minute video to share some of these tools with you. In the video I cover…

✅ A more empowered way to fill yourself up when this fear arises.

✅ How to stop being so affected by what other people think of you.

✅ Why this relates to not only your radiance + aliveness but to your success as well.

Watch the video here.

Alyssa Nobriga Video

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