Do you want more happiness + ease?

Do you want more fun + ease but keep manifesting stress?

I had a client who wanted more happiness + ease in her life, and she was showing up consistently to create that, but it wasn't working.

So I took a backdoor approach and told her, “Oh, you’re attached to stress and unhappiness.” She started laughing and said, “I can see that!”?

There’s an unconscious payoff for everything we do so I asked her, “What do you worry would happen if you were happy and things were easy?”

That’s when it hit her. She said, "I feel like I need to work hard to feel worthy of my success."

She’s a beautiful, super successful woman who’s done a lot of work on herself...

But in her mind, working hard justified her success, so when things were too easy, she’d unconsciously create more work + stress for herself.

I knew that if I started coaching her on a strategic level to delegate, she’d just eventually make it hard again because she first needed to update this programming.

I only knew this because I recognized it within myself.

In the past, I’ve found myself in the pattern of creating more work than needed.

But what if life isn't supposed to be hard... maybe, there's another way... ?

Look at kids + animals before they’re conditioned - the ease, lightness + joy…

It’s the mind that makes it harder than it needs to be, friend.

I love this quote: “It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.”  

The 1st step to let this go is to become aware of it - so the next time we feel that sense of stress, we can see it for what it really is.

The 2nd step would be to do work to own your inherent worth + reprogram this conditioning like I’ve taught here.

And then lastly, you want to update with a new program + one way to do that is with an affirmation or inquiry that feels exciting to you.?

Here’s some inspo below, write it down on a post-it + let it be your guiding mantra for the week:

✨ Can I let this be easy?
✨ I’m allowing it to be fun + easy 
✨ I allow myself to grow with ease + experience incredible success!
✨ How good can I allow it to be?

If you don’t heal these things from the root, the ego will just transfer one problem with another, so don’t miss the opportunity to go to the deeper level. ?

And then from here, you can play with strategies to create real change in your life and allow it to be easy….

I’m feeling a new summer vibe + FUN energy as life opens up in LA and I hope this email has inspired a shift within you too. ✨

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