Conscious Leadership: Creating Goals with Grace

It's International Women’s Day tomorrow!

I want to talk about conscious leadership which honors both feminine and masculine ways of leading our lives and businesses…

I’ve hustled and pushed way too hard trying to make things happen in my business, only to have to redo the work that I did because of it.

Other times I’ve been way too spontaneous, creating new programs and projects every year - not having a lot of structure and making it harder on myself by doing that.

It’s not about burning ourselves out or overworking, and it’s also not about having lots of ideas but none of them coming to life since they aren’t grounded or focused.

Mastery is about learning to develop both Masculine + Feminine ways, which is what I see is called for us to lead conscious businesses and lives.

This way we don't burn out and still have spaciousness and joy in what we do.

Masculine Leadership: Make it happen vs. Feminine Leadership: Allow it to happen Ex: Creating Clients vs. Attracting Clients

Watch as I share about how to integrate the two styles so you can create your goals with more grace…

We obviously have both Masculine vs Feminine sides of us, but I'm interested in supporting you to know how to respond to a situation in a way that's most called for vs leaning too hard on the side that's more developed in you.

We don't need to hustle or push our way to our goals all the time... we are being called to new ways of leadership.

Share in the comments on Youtube, what's one thing you can do to take action to develop yourself in a new way today.

Start simple, but start today.

I'm in full support of YOU!


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