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1. What does spirituality mean to you?

To me, spirituality is life, one in the same. It is about waking up from the ideas that have been created about life and experiencing it directly as it is in reality. Not a thought about reality, which would compartmentalize and separate life into categories, but the actual experience happening now without our interpretation of it.

2. How do you see the relationship between psychology and spirituality?

I see psychology / therapy as a resource to support spiritual awakening. As you gain a larger vantage point of the conditioned mind, you are no longer caught in it. This is the deepest level of healing because unless you gain awareness of the beliefs, behaviors and identifications that create psychological suffering, the ego will continue to replace the previous 'problem' with a new one. In the investigation of who we have taken ourselves to be, this identification with the personality begins to fall away and a deeper seeing of our true nature is possible.

3. Who have been the greatest influences on the work you’re doing in the world today?

What I invite people to experience is based off of what has touched me the most in my own evolution. Some of those influences have been through life experiences, my partner, family and friends. More formal teachings have come through teachers like Adyashanti, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick who have all played significant roles in my life.

4. If you had a stadium full of a million people and you could only share one teaching, what would you teach?

I don’t think I would teach anything given that opportunity; we have a lot of beautiful teachings in this world already. My message would be a simple invitation to stop for a moment…. For everyone to take a breath and on the exhale, notice the peace that is already here. When we are not trying to be somewhere else, be someone else, when all of that mind activity stops, discover what is always present.

5. What is your intent in sharing your work with the Chopra Well? What do you hope it will bring the participants?

My intention is to support people in discovering true lasting love, that which could never be separate from who they really are.

In sharing with the Chopra Well, my hope is that it will inspire people to learn how to use their relationships as vehicles to awaken consciously and come home to themselves.


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