{Self Love} Learning To Love Yourself + Feel Confident

You are incredible.

Really, I mean it...

When you read that, what do you do?

Do you dismiss it? Do you receive it?

Just notice. No judgment needed.

The ego will often have us focus on where we aren’t ‘enough’ or ‘there yet’ as an unconscious way to keep motivating us to improve... it’s innocent, but it hurts and isn’t efficient.

For most people, it’s easier to find the things that they aren’t good at, than to acknowledge what they are.

How much time do you spend celebrating and noticing the things you’re doing that are really working? If you’re like most of us, it isn’t enough.

Maybe you find it easier to see the best in others, but not in yourself…

If we let these patterns of thinking run our lives, we’ll never really ‘arrive’ or feel satisfied with who we are or where we are.

And the truth is… You ARE incredible.

Exactly as you are, not later when you fix x y and z… that’s just the mind again.

Celebrating ourselves and our successes actually has an incredibly powerful and important function. A function far beyond just making you feel good.

If you struggle with negative self-talk and need some inspiration to know why you should stop getting down on yourself, check out my latest video, it will help…

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