Breaking Free of Subconscious Set Points

Let’s go deeper this week in unraveling your subconscious set point. 

What’s the goal you’ve been adding to your list over and over again, but just can’t seem to reach? 

​Is it around a weight goal, financial or even internal, like happiness?

I had a client who came to work with me on a big revenue goal for her business, and had been doing ALL. THE. WORK, she had the strategies, the drive, the commitment and she couldn’t break past $250,000. (Which is great! But she had her sights set on more growth.) 

She was hitting an upper limit + no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t break through it. 

Here’s the secret to finding and breaking free of yours…

First ask yourself, what unconscious fear do you have about reaching your goal? 

If you’re like most of my students, you might have just reacted with a bit of resistance. Maybe you found yourself thinking, “I don’t fear ANYTHING about that goal. I want it!” 

So let me ask the question another way: 

If you achieve that goal, you fear…? 

That lands a bit differently, doesn’t it? 

That fear is actually trying to keep you safe. It wants something for you. 

For my client who couldn’t break past $250,000 in her business, her fear stemmed from the fact that when her mom got a promotion, her parents got divorced. 

Her brain had tied her next level of success to not having a strong family. 
So, of course it was trying to keep her safe! 

But, here’s where it gets magical, my friend: 

The key to accomplishing any goal you want is to stay awake to your subconscious limits so you can have it all.

All you have to do is get creative and make sure your desire and your fear are both on board. 

There are SO many ways to bring your desires into alignment, this is just one. 

Because when you do this work, that’s when you become unstoppable, friend. That’s when you break past your upper limit and manifest what you truly desire. 

So, when you’re setting goals, ask yourself: 

Am I uncovering any fears that are preventing me from moving toward these goals? 

How are these fears trying to serve me? 

How can I bring my desires and fear on board to move forward together? 

You are capable of anything. 

And when you can honor both your wants and your fears… then you can truly move through the blocks that keep you from stepping into what you want. 

You are beautiful. 

Your desires are beautiful. 

And yes… your blocks are beautiful. 

Everything is here to serve us if we use it that way.

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