Break Free of Not Feeling Good Enough

If we're afraid of how we're seen in the world, it’s just feedback that we see ourselves that way…

When we don’t feel good enough we:

  • Edit ourselves
  • People-please
  • Hide
  • And become inauthentic, so much so that if it goes on long enough, we don’t know who we are anymore or what we love...

So, how do we overcome the feeling of not good enough?


I get this question all the time because I’m inviting my clients to take steps outside their comfort zone, and if they don’t do the deeper work, they’ll just keep hitting up against the same inner blocks and it can sabotage their success.

Let’s slow it down… if we’re judging or denying a part of ourselves, we won’t feel enough.

So, of course we wouldn’t feel whole, because we’ve left a part of ourselves out.

The ‘bad’ parts also contain the key to our wholeness.

What you think is bad in you, is the missing piece, is a part of the puzzle to you feeling complete and enough.

Ironically, the last place you would think to look is where it’s been hiding…

In this video, I share ways to move through the feeling of not ‘good enough’ so you can use it to help you experience your wholeness.

May this support you in more fully embodying the fullness of who you really are.


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