7 Simple Steps to Release Your Money Blocks

Do you ever feel just… stuck?

Like you’re blocking yourself from getting what you really want?

You’re not alone.  

I bet you can guess one of the most common blocks that keep most coaches stuck. Maybe you even struggle with it yourself...

Yep. It’s Money.

Did you just gulp a little? Maybe nervous wiggle? Stick with me! Because I have a secret for you that’s about to change everything.

Those money blocks you’re facing? They’re actually not in your way. They are the way. ?

By embracing your blocks + working with them (instead of against them, like so many people do), you can create new thought patterns + discover what’s really possible for you.

And that’s important work. Especially as a coach!

Because if you’re going to coach your clients on how to release what’s keeping them from reaching their next level, then YOU have to first embody that change.

So, how do you actually embrace your money blocks and move through them to a new money mindset?

I’ll share with you a 7 Step Process you can use right now. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Identify the block.

Get as specific as possible.
Ex: money itself isn’t a block – it’s the thought you have about money that’s blocking you (i.e. money is hard to make money, etc.). Write down what comes up for you.

Step 2: Check-in with the truth.

Ask yourself, “Can you know this is 100% true without a shadow of a doubt? Or, is there evidence outside of this?” If there is, identify the new truth (ex: money is easy to make).

Step 3: Reinforce the new truth.

Identify 3 specific examples of how the opposite of your original money block is true.
Ex: If you believe making money is hard, what are 3 examples or experiences where making money has been easy?

Step 4: Embody your new truth.

Feel into your body now how you would be in your work + life if you could clearly see beyond this limiting conclusion.

Step 5: Bring compassion and forgiveness in.

There was a part of you that bought into the misunderstanding + that’s okay. It’s time to forgive yourself. Try saying this aloud: “I forgive myself for buying into the misunderstanding that (say your old belief here). And what’s true is (say your new truth here).”

(Statement from the University of Santa Monica).

Step 6: Create a new money mantra!

Perhaps it’s something like, “Making money is easy, effortless, and fun.” Or, maybe try on, “The more money I make, the more impact I create.” Use this new money mantra whenever you feel that old story starting to peek it’s head in.

Step 7: Take grounded action.

It’s time to get resourceful. Brainstorm all the different ways you can make money. Have fun with it! Show yourself that you do have choices. Then, choose one grounded, bold action you can take from this exercise.

Pretty incredible, right?

Well, here’s the best part – you can actually use this process whenever you’re facing a block that’s preventing you from confidently showing up as your most powerful self.

Here’s to embodying the change you hold for your clients. ?

I honor you for the courage to do your own work first and lead the way.

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