5 Money Myths That Hold Coaches Back From Their Earning Potential

Are you holding yourself back from receiving the abundance that’s really available to you?
Are you blocking your earning potential?

We live in a generous and abundant Universe, but our misunderstandings keep us in the perception of lack. Operating out of fear and limitation, it’s difficult to see all that’s available to us.

I want to support you in releasing the outdated conditioning that has held you back from reaching your true earning potential. Here are the 5 money MYTHS that I see prevent coaches from making more and living free, so you can question them and live beyond them.

1. MYTH ONE: “Charge what you deserve.”

The number one myth that gets coaches hung up about money, is that they price their work based on their self-image and impose a ceiling on how much they should make, but it’s based on insecurities and not the real value of their work.


  • YOUR value is priceless! Your services, on the other hand, are not.
  • No one deserves more or less than another.
  • What you charge is never a conversation about what you deserve because the work you do is independent of who you are.
  • The secret to abundance is unraveling your self-worth from your net-worth.

When you know your inherent value, apart from your income, no one can take that away from you. You step into your power, feel free regardless of your bank account, and therefore serve your clients even more powerfully. You make bolder moves in business, are open to creative ideas for generating cash flow, and finally release the self-doubt and fear that stood between you and your earning potential.

That’s not only empowering, it’s also attractive to potential clients.

2. MYTH TWO: “I’m a better coach when I make more money.”

If you identify with one side of the coin, you automatically have to identify with the other. So if you think making money makes you better, at some point you’ll think not making money makes you worse.

That’s why identifying with either side, good or bad, is a trap.

Money-FACT: When you define your value based on whether or not you’re hitting your goals, you’re a victim of outside circumstances. Now you have to make a certain amount to feel good about yourself. This means…

  • When you’re making what you want, you’re anxious and trying to control things so they stay at the same level.
  • When you’re not making what you want, you feel bad and compare yourself to others.

BOTH circumstances block you from experiencing true abundance.

If your intention is for real freedom, question all beliefs. External factors have no effect on what makes you ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ especially those having to do with how much money you make.

In truth, you are limitless. All identifications are too limiting for who you truly are.

3. MYTH THREE: “I have to work more hours to make more money.”

If you can help clients experience what they want in less time, they will be even more grateful.

Why? Because…

Money-FACT: Clients want results. They pay for an outcome or a transformation, not the number of hours you work.

Free yourself from the trap of time-for-money thinking. Focus on the value you provide.

4. MYTH FOUR: “I have to ask for money.”

I often hear my clients who are coaches say, “I hate asking for money.” This baffles me. I don’t know any service provider who asks for money.

When you go to the doctor, do they ask for money? When you get a haircut, does your stylist ask for money? — No! They tell you their fees and you either agree to work with them or not.

There is no “asking.” Ever.

Money-FACT: When you think you’re “asking” for money instead of charging for your services, it sets things up in a way that feels like you’re giving your power away.

You share your prices with your potential clients and they decide whether they want to work with you or not. That’s it.

5. MYTH FIVE: “Money gives me freedom, security, or [fill in the blank]… ”

Security is found in the spiritual context of life, not the financial one. Money is money. It’s the stories we tell ourselves about what money is or isn’t that creates our joy or suffering.

Money-FACT: The quickest way to experience all that you want from money is to change your thinking, not actually make more money.

So, before you go looking for money to give you freedom, security, happiness — or whatever it is for you — ask yourself this: Can I absolutely be sure that I don’t already have what I’m looking for?

For example: If you think money will give you freedom, can you absolutely be sure that freedom isn’t already here? Check into your direct experience and see for yourself right now…

When you connect with the freedom that’s already available, you open your mind to see new creative solutions and opportunities that weren’t visible when looking through a narrow, limited, and fearful lens.

Why? Because wealth is not a money thing — it’s a consciousness thing. Ironically, as we connect with the freedom that’s already here, we still achieve our goals, but we do it more gracefully now because we move from a place of abundance.

And the clearer you are within yourself, the more powerfully you will show up to serve your clients. This is sacred work we are privileged to do and it’s much needed at this time.

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