3 Sales Hacks for Success

Does the thought of selling fill your body with resistance?

Do you think it feels sleazy + awkward??

I’m glad you found this email, friend, I wrote this one just for you. ?

I want to share with you 3 transformative hacks to sales… to help you feel excited + inspired to sell AND get you results. ?


Let’s jump into...

Sales Hack #1 When you feel gross about selling, it’s not because selling is gross, it’s just feedback that where you’re coming from is gross.

It means you’re thinking about what you can GET rather than what you can GIVE.

You can shift this by focusing on your potential client, leaning to learn more, asking questions like:

- What do you desire?
- What are your dreams?
- What are you challenged with?

People can FEEL where you’re coming from...

Like everything I teach, it’s always inner + than outer. Energy + then strategy.

Get your energy right + you’ll instantly be able to dissolve resistance around selling. ✨

Sales Hack #2, is to Wake them up to their power + sell from there.

Your potential clients will come to you with fears, blocks + stories preventing them from moving forward.

These can show up as:

- “I don’t think I’m good enough for the promotion”
- “I’m fearful of not making money”
- “I don’t know what I want”

They’re likely thinking these stories are who they are… rather than just a part of them.

It’s our role to help them distinguish who they are from the stories they have about themselves.

When we do this, we wake them up to their real power, so selling to them from that place will be an entirely different experience.

Sell to them in their power.

Don’t sell to them when they’re identified with a disempowered part.

The last sales hack I’ll share today is #3 is, Celebrate their “No”!

I LOVE a clear no. In fact, I celebrate it. ?

It’s a sign a client is decisive and I support that, they know what they want.

I once had a prospect at the end of a sales conversation give me a clear “no” and I celebrated her and supported her truth.

She was immediately taken aback because she had never experienced someone celebrating her “No” before.

It was the healing she never realized she needed… and she was so inspired by how I approached sales, that she wanted to offer this same approach to others… ?

So by the call, she ended up changing her mind and said yes as a result!

And of course: we’re going to get no’s… and that’s okay, they’re no big deal!

Remember, sales is service and can be a transformative experience for your potential clients. ✨

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