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Ready for absolute confidence in your coaching... and a business that fulfills you?

Join the accredited certification program designed to transform you, help you deeply and masterfully coach your clients, and start or scale your business, so you thrive in a way that’s aligned with your gifts. 
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Deeply Transform
Your Life


Coach Clients


Scale Your
Thriving Business

You feel the calling to love the work you do and feel confident in your ability to create a true impact. So... what’s stopping you?

You feel insecure about your coaching abilities. You want to serve deeply, but you feel like you don’t have the tools to support you and your clients.
You’re overwhelmed with growing your business. How do you market yourself and attract soulmate clients without hustling and grinding all the time?
You’re not where you want to be yet, and you’re just not sure how to even get there. You’re missing a roadmap that clearly breaks down where to focus.
Meanwhile… the coaching industry continues to grow.

It’s true:

The world is asking for masterful coaches:

The personal development industry hit $38.28 billion globally in 2019
(Grand View Research)
The coaching industry has grown 19% in the last few years alone
(The International Coach Federation)
Conscious leaders are rising everywhere

Just imagine...

Clients seeking YOU out because you are the coach that confidently gets results every time.
Feeling fully alive in a business that fulfills you from the inside out, and embodying the transformation that you consistently create for one eager client after another.
You’re confident, flowing, and designing the lifestyle you want – alongside other top-tier coaches out to create real change and impact in the world.
It’s 100% possible, my friend. And it can be done without outdated coaching techniques and the hustle mentality that so many programs teach.

This program is life altering, I had no idea what I was going to experience when I signed on the dotted line. I will NEVER be the same again, my thinking is altered, my life is altered, I am SO WAY BEYOND MY ‘STORY’. Thank you Alyssa and team for the “gift” of my life.

Marni Muir

I know what you may be thinking: “Can’t anyone be a coach?”

I totally get it. With so many programs out there that teach you a few coaching tips and tricks, I can see how you’d be skeptical of another program with a bunch of to-dos, and maybe even wondering if a certification really matters.
But here’s the thing:

Most programs have it all backwards.

They focus on the same recycled coaching tools and not on the important changes you need to make first to be able to serve your clients. And they hardly scratch the surface when it comes to helping you actually build and scale a business you love. 

In short, these six- to eight-week programs can turn you into a coach… but not a masterful one.  

And the truth is, if you’re going to create a conscious coaching business that facilitates real, life-changing transformation with your clients (and allows YOU to live your best life and invites your clients to do the same), it takes mastery. 

And mastery requires a real methodology that works from the inside out with fresh tools that create deep, lasting transformation. 

Tools that embody change and offer real results. Tools that are trauma-informed and based on ethical practices. Tools that help you become a confident coach that stands out in the market. 

It also requires a customized approach to building your business that centers around YOUR unique goals and encompasses more than just marketing. 

It takes knowing how to pick your perfect niche, set your ideal prices, attract dream clients, set your marketing budget, hire the right team to support your dreams. 

Can you do all of that in 6-8 weeks? Of course not!

Which is why I created the

Institute for

Coaching Mastery

An accredited certification program designed to help you deeply transform your blocks, masterfully coach your clients, and start or scale your thriving business no matter if you’re brand new or you’re already have multiple 6 figure launches… this is customized to meet you where you are, and help you go to your NEXT level.

The curriculum inside this school is the culmination of almost 2 decades as a licensed Clinical Somatic Psychotherapist with two master’s degrees in Psychology… and a 7-figure coaching business owner. There’s truly nothing like it.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Program Accredited by:

Association for Coaching 

Hi, I’m


Founder of the

Institute for

Coaching Mastery

Certification Program
I help coaches, healers, and therapists overcome the limiting beliefs and negative patterns that are standing in the way of the impact and income they know they’re truly capable of, so they can more fully embody their potential and serve their purpose in a deep way.
With two master’s degrees in Psychology, and 18 years of experience in coaching, I’ve helped thousands of students step into masterful coaching by learning the tools and techniques they need to confidently coach their clients through transformation and build businesses they love.

The world is craving more masterful coaches, friend. And I know that because you’re here, you’re ready to step into your next level.

So let’s get started!
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When you join the Institute of Coaching Mastery, you’ll learn how to create deep, lasting transformation through the Coaching Mastery Method:


We start by doing the inner work to remove your blocks, so you can step into the life and business of your dreams.


From a place of confidence, you then use the same tools that transformed your life and you’re able to authentically and deeply serve your clients to do the same. You’ll be fully equipped mastering this comprehensive and proven framework.


Then, you’ll strategically start or scale your dream business so it’s aligned with exactly what you want and how you define success. There’s not a one size fits all approach, so you’ll use my customized, 6-figures + Beyond Coaching Roadmap to either fill your spaces if you’re brand new, back higher ticket packages with real skillset, or scale with online marketing, with or without a budget. We don’t just teach you business, we help you grow yours while you’re held in the program.

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Ready to join us? Here’s everything that’s waiting for you inside:

(We start January 31st!)

My 3-Part Coaching Mastery Method:

Part 1:


Get to the root cause of your blocks and transform them.
Recognize your inherent wholeness and learn these transformational tools that you can use for the rest of your life.
Have the weekly support to take action + embody the work to transform your life from the inside out, so you’re more authentic and empowered to support your clients in doing the same.
Part 2:

The Model for Masterful Coaching

Become a powerful facilitator with the 5 Levels of Transformational Change Coaching Model so you have an integrative framework
Experientially learn the tools in your own life as you gain the confidence in your coaching and know your ability to deeply serve your clients.
Part 3:

Building a Fully Aligned Business

A Customized Business Roadmap to strategically help you build the business of YOUR dreams. There are many paths to success, we help you choose yours so you’re not scattered, not getting results.
Learn how to masterfully sell overcoming sales blocks and implementing strategies to attract clients consistentl
Stop hustling in your business and step into full your alignment + potential.


Weekly Coaching Calls with Alyssa to support you every step of the way.

Weekly Wisdom Circles in smaller cohorts with your mentor coach so you can ask anymore of your questions and get extra support regularly.

Practice Sessions with peers so you’re practicing the new coaching tool you’re learning every week, both giving and receiving personalized coaching each week! (I give you step-by-step questions so you know exactly what to ask to feel like an amazing coach).

Proven Coaching Frameworks + Strategies you can start using in your life and business immediately.

An Incredible Community of Conscious Coaches who get it, who call you forward and are going for it themselves and are here to hold space for you to step into your next level!

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“I hopped on a clarity call shortly after our group session today and a client said yes to a  high-ticket container with me AND was so grateful that they’re one of the first people to receive the offer. They said they’ve never been more motivated to gather resources for a coaching container before. My heart is bursting with joy!”

Ira Briones

“July is officially my biggest month yet... I just had a client sign up for my first pay-in-full client at my higher rate!”

Lyndsay Toensing

“I am celebrating a lifelong dream come true in ‘making money while I sleep and play!’ I’ve given myself permission to play and go to South America for a few weeks and I also signed a new client this week!”

Jamie Butemeyer

Before + After

Ana’s Results

“I wasn’t coaching anyone and I didn’t know how to coach... And now I am coaching every day, and I love it so much! 

If you re looking for certification, this is the one!”

Before + After

Christie’s Results

“I had zero clients, just an interest in transitioning in becoming a marriage and family therapist. At the end of the program, in my very first month of full business I made $27,000.”
Click here to see more video testimonials

Plus these incredible bonuses!

Bonuses for everyone


+ Money, Mindset + Miracles: Income Challenge

This Income Challenge is designed to give you daily mindset tools, prompts, meditations, and exercises to do both the inner work around money, but also play full-out with reaching your income goals.

It’s focused on inner freedom, and in the second half, we start to get into resourcefulness + action. Let’s have some fun + support you in making more!!

+ Make your first $10K Momentum Call 

We’ll get together to create a roadmap to help you hit your first or next $10k.

+ The Miracle Of You Meditation Mp3

Guided Meditations to take you into the Heart of Self-Discovery: Embodying Presence, Awakening to Love, A Free Mind, Total Embrace, Who Am I?, Intimately Here.
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Pay in full bonuses!


+ Money, Mindset + Miracles: Income Challenge

This Income Challenge is designed to give you daily mindset tools, prompts, meditations, and exercises to do both the inner work around money, but also play full-out with reaching your income goals.

It’s focused on inner freedom, and in the second half, we start to get into resourcefulness + action. Let’s have some fun + support you in making more!!

+ Make your first $10K Momentum Call 

We’ll get together to create a roadmap to help you hit your first or next $10k.

+ The Miracle Of You Meditation Mp3

Guided Meditations to take you into the Heart of Self-Discovery: Embodying Presence, Awakening to Love, A Free Mind, Total Embrace, Who Am I?, Intimately Here.

+ Two 45 min 1:1 sessions with mentor coaches

Breakthrough anything that’s holding you back from your next level and experience a quantum shift!

+ Get early access to the Sales module

Taken straight out from the business section of the certification program so you get on the soulful sales wagons You’ll learn about: 

Selling through serving

Marketing principles

Qualifying leads

How to fill +sell out groups

and template galore including my 7 steps of a Clarity Session and sales scripts

You get so much when you join the Institute for Coaching Mastery. So let’s recap :)

Helpful Resources

Access to the Institute for Coaching Mastery’s full curriculum
Resource center with practical step-by-step guides
Private members area with weekly trainings, behind the scenes demo sessions with Alyssa
Powerful lessons, experiential learning, embodiment practices, interactive worksheets, templates & scripts
Learn from some of the best! Guest expert trainings to help you scale your business


Powerful personal transformation you’ve never experienced before
In-depth guidance on how to build a fully aligned business that’s tailored specifically to YOU and your goals... whatever stage of business you're at
Deep immersion into my methodology, Coaching Mastery Method + The 5 Levels Coaching Framework, giving you powerful new transformational tools and techniques to use with your clients and yourself
Upon completion, you have the chance to become a Mastery Method Certified Coach

Coaching & Community

33 weekly coaching calls with Alyssa (you get to choose the 10am or 5pm PST time slot that works for you for the year)
33 weekly small group calls (optional) with mentors and peers to deepen your learning in break out groups to co-learn, unpacking case studies, etc.
33 weekly peer practice coaching calls, to not only develop your mastery as a coach, but receive weekly coaching and support on what you need most
Lots of time for Q & A and direct coaching with Alyssa on the weekly group coaching calls so that you have a new found clarity and confidence in serving your clients
Private community to interact with like-minded, mission driven  coaches
Personalized support from your mentor coach each week.
We welcome BIPOC, LGBTQ+, people of all abilities and backgrounds to be a part of the Institute for Coaching Mastery Certification. It is our intention that our programs are based upon anti-racist practices and principles of equity.

I’ve taken 3 coaching certifications prior to this one, and the tools and experience were like nothing I did before. I am very grateful for this program. It has exponentially increased my confidence as a coach and in my business. My clients are having breakthroughs from session 1 and it is amazing to experience. My business as a coach is growing and the plans I have are on a whole new level thanks to this certifications.

I’ve doubled my revenue, I have more clients, and I have confidence in charging more because I believe my work is worth it.

Thank you, I loved everything about this program!

Dianne Agndelo

When I started, I had no public visibility as a coach at all. Everything was hidden and internal. All of the theory and tools I’d been developing over the last 7 years were in my private notebooks.

My opportunities to coach and facilitate workshops felt like these highs that were so few and far between. They felt scarce.

Since beginning the program, I’ve done over
50 coaching sessions with people all over the world. I’ve done practice sessions with fellow coaches in the program, I’ve done two workshops and got invited to do another for an organization.

I recommend this program because it’s a meta-program: it integrates aspects that often don’t co-exist, like rigor and depth with levity, fun, and accessibility. Deep honoring of wholeness and a big capacity to be with the range of human experience. Thank you!

Jacey Rubenstein

Wondering if you’re a good fit for this program?

Institute for Coaching Mastery is not for everyone. This is a year-long program that’s designed to help you achieve true mastery as a coach. If you’re looking for a short cut, this isn’t the program for you. I find that those most successful students of this program are…
Experienced coaches who are tired of the same old same. You’ve reached a certain level of your business and you’re ready to bust through to the next by raising your prices, offering high-ticket services, and serving your clients even deeper.
New coaches who are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. You’re interested in becoming a coach but you don’t have the tools and techniques to truly facilitate change or grow a business, and you want someone by your side to guide you through it all.
People who want to develop personally. You’re not sure you want to be a coach, but you’re curious about this industry and you know you have some inner work that you’d like to do. You’re ready for transformation and you’re excited to learn the tools to embody change in your own life.

Have questions before joining? I’ve got answers!

Will I get certified?

Yes! This mastery program gives you the opportunity to be certified as a mastery method coach. We also have coaches who choose to take this program for their own personal development.

If I have coaching clients, do I still need a certification?

You have the option to get certified through this program, but you can take it as an advanced training as well.

The main reason this program was designed was to have a place where coaches learn how to deeply serve their clients and embody their own transformation, while starting or scaling their businesses with more ease.

What kind of coach is this for?

This program is designed for new coaches who want to shortcut the learning curve to be good coaches and experienced coaches who want new tools to coach deeper and with more mastery, while having the business support to up-level faster.

It’s also for any niche and type of coach who wants to do deeper work with their clients and not just talk them through strategies that they can learn by Googling.

You can be a health coach, business coach, relationship coach or not know what your niche is and we’ll support you in choosing a niche or applying this work to your niche.

We get to the depth of what’s really holding someone back. People don’t need more information, they need transformation. So we teach you how to create change from the inside out.

We start by transforming your life, and then you learn to facilitate that in others. Then we support you in having a thriving business, no matter what stage you’re at.

Check in, if that’s you, then we’d love to have you.

What level of experience do I need as a coach to participate?

Whether you’re a brand new coach with no experience, a seasoned coach, or have been coaching but still resist identifying yourself as a coach, this program is for you.

The world is craving masterful coaches who truly understand their craft, have put in the work, and who embody change. While anyone can call themselves a coach, it’s those who have a mastery of coaching who will sustain in this competitive industry.

And if you want to be one of them, then I invite you to join us!

Will I need to participate in person or is it a virtual experience?

This program is a mix of training modules and exercises that you can do at your own pace, with up to three live bonus coaching calls a week. So while you can participate virtually from anywhere in the world, you’re also completely held and supported throughout this entire certification. This isn’t a passive experience — it’s interactive, experiential, engaging, and designed for those who want to truly learn, practice, and implement these coaching tools to create a powerful, impact-driven business.

Are there scheduled times I need to be available, or is this a self-paced program I can work on when it best fits my schedule?

Most of the trainings you can watch on your own at your own pace. If you’re going for certification, there are two calls a week to attend, and we offer two different call times (10 AM or 5 PM PST) to accommodate schedules. But I recommend you attend live — especially because I’m teaching you in real-time how to use these coaching tools to facilitate transformation. ;)

Will calls be recorded?

Yes. All calls are recorded and will be available in your private membership site.

How many hours per week will I be investing?

If you’re participating in the Institute of Coaching Mastery for the certification, you can expect to spend about 5 hours a week on the program. Pretty simple, right?! We get right to the good stuff.

Will I be working in a group, or doing this by myself?

Both! There are certain parts of the certification that are perfect to do on your own time (like the training modules, meditations, embodiment practices, visualizations, self-reflection questions).

And because working in a group is a powerful container for a professional training like this, you’ll also have large group coaching calls, small group wisdom circles to unpack and go deeper (so you can fully be seen and celebrated in your leadership), and one-to-one calls with peers where you give and receive coaching each week. All types of learners are supported here!

Will I get support from Alyssa?

Absolutely! This is a very hands-on program and Alyssa will be coaching and providing support every step of the way.

We also have additional mentor coaches to provide extra support regularly in smaller cohorts weekly, so you have up to 3 optional live calls a week to ensure you stay on track and are held throughout the program.

I’ve done a lot of training. How is this different? Will it be helpful for me?

There is no training out there like this one. We are not just training you to be masterful at coaching, we are training you to embody the work yourself first and have a massively successful business, too.

My intention is to support you to have the skills to become a LEADER in the industry, while also transforming the lives of your clients.

I have been through every stage of growing a coaching business, both online marketing as well as offline marketing high ticket sales and I’ve designed this program so that you can choose your own adventure and design a business around what lights you up based on the stage you’re at. This way it’s aligned for you to have a long career, but also because when you do what you love, you can scale with grace and serve people in a profoundly powerful and transformational way.

If you want to make a deeper impact and/or expand your impact to reach more people, this is a no-brainer.

What if I’m already in a program? I’m worried about time…

You are held for an entire year in this program, but once we are full, doors close and there won’t be another chance to get in for an entire year… last time doors opened, it sold out in 8 days!

If you want to get certified, plan for around 5 hours a week for everything between training videos, demos, meditation, practice sessions, and coaching calls with Alyssa, directly.

If you don’t want to get certified, and just want to take this as an advanced training to help you do the work and be a better coach, you can choose the level of commitment that works for you. There is flexibility. This is designed so you can do it from anywhere in the world and at various time zone options. We have either a 10am PST or 5pm PST option for live calls.

When you want something, you make time and show up for it. If you want a completely different business that isn’t just transforming people’s lives, but actually growing, and that’s not something you’re seeing right right now in your business, DO NOT WAIT, APPLY NOW.

I’m a new coach / trying to decide if coaching is for me. Should I wait to take this?

I have designed this for brand new coaches with no experience and seasoned ones who want to uplevel themselves and gain new tools (like embodiment work and a number of other modalities). I’ve developed, tested, and PROVEN 18 years worth of transformative tools. What I will teach you is the best of the best and will benefit a coach at any level.

I’m already so busy! Won’t this just add more to my plate?

You can take this program without the intention of getting certified, and do it at a much easier pace. I find most coaches are overwhelmed, and it’s feedback that you need to do something different. Being scattered won’t help you serve at your deepest capacity as a coach. You need to slow down and get strategic.

What are the requirements for me to be certified?

There are two routes you can take inside this program: participation for your own development, or certification. If you’re getting certified, there are various requirements such as program participation, weekly assignments, and coaching implementation in order to graduate. You can find a full breakdown of requirements here.

Is this an accredited school?

Yes! The Institute for Coaching Mastery is accredited by BOTH the ICF (International Coach Federation) + The AC (Association for Coaching).

With the ICF, we are a CCE Provider, meaning we provide core competency and resource development training hours that participants can use towards maintaining or applying for their ICF credential.

Both organizations are here to raise the standards and best practices, upholding and promoting ethical coaching worldwide.

Is there an additional fee to get certified?

Nope! Your investment in the program covers everything.

Are continuing education hours required to keep my certification?

No, once you’re certified in the Coaching Mastery Method, you’re certified!

What is the difference with this program compared to Mastery for Coaches or the Mastermind?

Mastery for Coaches is a 5-week, do-it-yourself business course. Institute for Coaching Mastery is a year-long, in-depth certification program with Live weekly calls, the chance to become trained as a masterful coach and get certified. It includes coach training + business training plus direct coaching from Alyssa on group calls.

Alyssa also occasionally runs a mastermind program (currently closed till 2022). The mastermind is focused on mindest + sales + strategy. There’s no coach training involved so we don’t certify students. The investment to be part of the mastermind is 2x the investment for the coaching certification program and is recommended for business owners making 6 figures.

Is it best for me to just work with a 1:1 coach?

While 1:1 coaching is great, for a professional program participants get so much more value and time out of a group experience. You leverage the momentum of the group, get personalized support working with your peers and your mentor coach to get that ongoing support and guidance. My biased opinion is when it comes to your professionalism, you’re better served in a live group experience over just 1:1 coaching.

See what’s possible when you join the Institute for Coaching Mastery:

“I launched my business with paying clients, and so many people message me daily how much my work impacts their life. I know this is why I came to earth, and I'm deeply grateful for Alyssa, her team, and all the amazing coaches in this group.”
— Nikita Anand
“I now have walked away with more confidence, I’ve really deepened my understanding in the coaching process... And I doubled my coaching practice, I’m so grateful that I joined.”
“I wasn’t coaching anyone and I didn’t know how to coach... And now I am coaching every day, and I love it so much! 

If you re looking for certification, this is the one!”
— Ana Hsu
“Having gone to the program, I had a deep understanding of the coaching process, coaching tools and I also went away with much more confidence...”
— Casey Wells
“I wanna coach like Alyssa, I wanna coach the way that she coaches. I had seen so many people be moved by her and to find their inner wisdom. I love the whole experience. I just can’t recommend it more. I can’t recommend more being able to be masterful in coaching.”
— Shelsy Ferreira
“I truly feel that I blossomed as a coach, and I stepped into a coaching capacity that I never had in my life. If you are considering it, just do it!”
— Marina Yanay-Triner
“Before starting the program, I had no paying clients, and I was very overwhelmed, and in doubt. Money-wise and results, I have 3 paying clients, and my business is just starting to blossom.”
— Lisa Conto
“It was such an amazing experience. My income has tripled, my ideal clients are showing up really naturally. This program really transforms you inside and out.”
“What I’ve learned through Alyssa is just like a gratitude moment that now being in the industry a little bit more.
what she offered really is so unique because she embodies the life philosophy that we learn through coaching and then how to implement that in business.”
— Dr. Christie Kederian
“In the 5 months that I have been doing this program, I have offered more private retreats than I have in 2.5 years. It feels so amazing!”
— Ange Arbuckle
“In these 5 months alone, I doubled the revenue that I made last year... I am attracting clients with a lot more ease because of how I’m showing up.”
— Anette Dela Rosa

“Is this really the right step for me?”

Here’s how to know:
You know you’re here to change people’s lives, and you’re a little scared about the huge vision you have.
You’re an experienced coach, but you’re tired of your same old rates and tools and want to step into high ticket, masterful coaching.
You’re a new coach, and you’re not sure if you have enough experience or business edge to go full time.
You’re ready to 10x your confidence, consistently make 6 figures or more, and embody the transformation to create an aligned business.
You can see where the coaching industry is going… and you want to be a part of the leading edge in a time when we conscious leaders are so needed.

If you’re scared + excited, that’s EXACTLY where I want you. It tells me you’re on the edge of a breakthrough.

YOU are your best investment as a coach!
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