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Women’s Leadership Mastermind is a group of inspiring women who are powerfully showing up for themselves and each other, making 2017 their best year yet.

These are women who are ready to go to their next level of mastery, but are craving the support, structure, strategy and sisterhood to bring their vision to life.

img_7208You’ll choose a project to focus on for the 6 months and will have the support of Alyssa and the group to help you achieve what authentic success is for you.

It’s about effectively creating what you truly desire, while using anything that comes up along the way for your freedom.

It’s designed to offer you a template to nurture new ways of being while you’re in the group so that you’re able to utilize and apply these tools for the rest of your life.

Each year, Alyssa welcomes a small number of committed women who are willing to be ‘all in’, to show up with an open heart and discover what’s really possible.

By completing this application, you are under no obligation to join the Mastermind group. We are simply exploring with you if this is a fit.

img_7199After you submit it, you’ll hear from either Alyssa or someone on her team. If you do not hear from us, or have any questions, please contact Judy (support@alyssanobriga.com).

If you are selected, you will be given the opportunity to speak with Alyssa directly about joining.

Everything you share here is confidential, so please feel free to share openly and honestly.

We are at a time in our lives we can’t afford to wait. Now more than ever it’s up to us to stand forward in service for ourselves and one another.

We have outgrown the time of gurus and hierarchical models. This is about you waking up to the wisdom within you and having the support to more fully see, embody and live your truth.

No more waiting to start living. This. is. your. Time!

If you’re ready, I’d be honored to support you as you stand forward in service to what’s most important in your heart.

In Love and Freedom,


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