Weekend Retreat


Live Women’s Workshop

Clarity + Transformation

This is a day all about expansion, play, strategy and transformation!

Join me and a group of truly amazing women for a day of clarifying your 2018 vision, dropping into your heart and moving through the blocks that have held you back from reaching your full potential.

This day is 100% dedicated to you, your goals, and your dreams!

(How often do you get to experience that kind of focus?)

Get the support and inspiration from other heart-driven women so you can really go for and create what it is you want most!

Through meditations to listen to your soul, transformational exercises and powerful strategies, we’ll break down what it is you want and set you on the path towards success and fulfillment!

This is a safe, warm, encouraging, and supportive environment where you are almost guaranteed to create lifelong friends who can keep you motivated and in inspired action.

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Money + Miracles

This is the time to support you in breaking free and shattering the glass ceiling around what you’ve known as possible for your business and life.

Get inspired uplifting your mindset to discover how abundant you truly are!

Step into the next version of your life, making 2018 your most inspired year yet!

And FUN in the process!

This about being in a community of other women who support you and call you forward to own and embody what you know you’re really capable of.

Come join the party!

Space is limited.

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There is a heightening and increase of energy that happens in groups. When people come together to support and uplift one another, miracles unfold.